Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

I have been horrible about posting. I have not been in the mood to do postings and the holidays were crazy and since then I have not been in the mood too post much. Home was also crazy busy because Ryan was home with his hurt knee. He was not able to work for over 3 months. We are getting back to our schedule since he has been back to work, which is nice to get back to our regular schedule.

Christmas was very good and the boys were spoiled. Jase had fun with opening presents.

Instead of boring you with long stories here are some pictures to look at. Maybe next time I will stay on top of the posting thing.

Mine and Brayden's pumpkins that we carved for Halloween.

Jase was a cute little monkey for Halloween, but he looked more like a mouse. Which was fitting because at Halloween time we were having problems with mice in our home.

Brayden was Batman and thought he was so cool.

Brayden fell at school and got a really good shiner.

Brayden likes to comb his hair down. One night I thought I would be funny and make him look like Dennis the Mennis.

Jase loves to get into the pantry. He loves to put this on his head and walk around. Brayden would do the same thing. I need to find the picture of Brayden with this on his head.

Our sad attempt at a ginger bread house. The stupid frosting kept running and our roof would not stay together. Very frustrating.

Cute Brayden.

We went to Zoo Lights with some of our friends. It was our first time and I was really impressed.

The kiddos.

Miranda and cute little Anthony.

Brayden wrestling with Jase on Christmas Eve.

The annual Christmas picture with the boys and their matching jammies. A family tradition that I grew up with and will continue on with my family. I love matching jammies.

Me and Jase. He is ready for bed.

Brayden opening up the Wii that Santa gave the family.

Jase talking to Elmo.

Ready for his nap.

Brayden and his cool new bike.
Brayden had been growing out his hair so that he could be cool like his cousins Holden, Mason and Dylan. He finally let me cut it. Every morning his hair would look like Kate Gosslin. Drive me nuts. I was not meant to have kids that I would have to do their hair. If I had a girl it would be a very sad situation.

Jase being silly in daddy's hat.

Me and the kids went to Las Vegas to see my mom. We wen to Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden. This is a picture of a man who goes into the tanks to make sure there is no garbage. While he would swim around the dolphins would nibble at his feet.

The tigers are extremely playful and would wrestle with each other. Last time we were there these guys were just cubs.

This tiger was taking a rest in his pond.

One of the dolphins doing tricks.

Brayden and I went to the Shark Tank at Mandalay Bay and Brayden loved to pet the Sting Rays. We spent what seemed like an hour there.


Amanda said...

Heather!!!! glad you posted some photos. zoo lights looked awesome. did you touch a sting ray? We went to denver and saw some once, but I didn't dare touch them. The kids are cuter and cuter. one of my friends here has a son named jase. I wonder if she knows hen too?

Tahnie said...

Your boys are getting so big! hope everything is good in your world.

Miranda said...

Great recap! I loved the photos, thanks for the Zoo Lights memories. That was a fun night.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize the boys are SO grown up.